Zkatter – Microbbloging live media


Zkatter is an interesting solution to share your experiences with your friends or with the all world. It´s a solution to broadcast live media and include your location. Share your moments and experiences with whatever you want.

Venture Slogan: Locate. Broadcast. Discover.

Zkatter´s own description: “…Zkatter provides you with a tool to answer a very simple question: ‘What do you see?’

“…If you use zkatter you join a very special band of zkatterer’s. And naturally you add Zkatterings: Experiences that you want to micro-broadcast and share with others, in real-time. Combining location text and live media…”

“…Primarily to ensure that friends and family who cared about each would be able to share special experiences or just create live broadcasts of what they were seeing, using mobile devices…”

“…it might be cool if the discovery of these experiences could extend beyond mobile users, and be accessible to all. So he set about building zkatter.com.Finally, he thought it might be cooler still, for users to have the option broadcast zkatterings to the whole world. Why keep something to yourself? Almost like a news source. Wow! So everyone can be the BBC. Or Trevor McDonald! Or Sky Sports?…”


Venture Link: zkatter.com


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