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Zenbe is a great web application to organize your e-mails from a new approach. Keep track of all your current e-mails, organize them in a stream, manage your attachments and keep track of longer threads. Zenbe uses all your existing e-mail addresses and domains in an only dashboard.

Venture Slogan: Work better.

Zenbe’s own description: “…We started Zenbe because no one we knew loved using email, and everyone we knew was trapped using it…”

“…Email is the dominant communication service on the Internet. We spend most of our time online working with email. Email lets us share anything, at anytime, with practically anybody — qualities that no other communication medium can claim…”

“…But because of its ubiquity and pervasiveness, email applications are frozen in time. Email has not evolved to keep up with our needs…”

“…Zenbe provides solutions to email overload, without requiring you to change your email address. Every application we provide is accessible from a web browser, and securely hosted in the cloud so you can get started right away with no installation hassles…”



Venture Link: zenbe.com

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