YouCalc – Custom analytic reports from SaaS systems



YouCalc hepls you to understand your data through a ready to use app that you can connect to your SaaS system. You can use it with any on-demand system and analize your information and data instantly. YouCalc has an interesting way to show the information with a great design. You can run it in iGoogle, SalesForce, Intranets and iPhones.

Venture Slogan: On demand analytics apps

YouCalc´s own description: “…Youcalc let’s you create and share custom reports and analytics on data from SaaS systems – zero coding required!

A library of analytics apps for CRM, sales, marketing, service/support and project management, and live data connection to a growing number of SaaS systems (, Basecamp, AdWords, Google Analytics, Highrise CRM, MailChimp, etc)…”

“Youcalc’s mission is to create the world’s largest library of analytics apps by allowing business users to create and share analytics apps.

All apps built on youcalc become public from the app library, for anyone to use as is or customize to individual needs. All customized apps go back into the app library for the benefit of other users. Users cannot see each other’s data, but the model logic behind any app is public. Youcalc let’s business users across the world search and use a vast library of analytics apps built by other users with similar needs…”



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