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Youare is a microblogging platform like Twitter. You can share your thoughts and daily things in 140 characters, but besides it has interesting features suck as; Professional profiles (you can build your own profile as you can do in other professional social networks), Web Life (It´s an option to connect with information that you generate or have already generated in sites like YouTube, Flickr, etc), Microblogging enrichment (you can add videos and photos to your posts).

Venture Slogan: Your real life. Your People! Living in real life.

Youare´s own description: “…Our mission is to help share everything you do throughout the day while connecting with others quickly and easily with a domain that symbolizes what the participatory Web means. You are what you do…”

“…In contrast with other services, microblogging is, for us, the vehicle by which we strive to achieve our final goal: building a simple platform for managing your real-life identity and making the small things you do every day easier. Your true self is the what you build through everything you do throughout the day…”

“…When you’re visiting the content of another user, in the upper part of the sidebar you’ll find the “Follow updates” button. If you click on this button you will be able to add the user as a friend, an online friend, a colleague, a co-worker, etc. If you want you can skip this step. Once you have added the user, their contents will appear on your homepage…”



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