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WorkSimple is an online tool that helps you manage your employees’ performance and communication. It´s a simple tool to manage your workday, make connections and share feedback.

Venture Slogan: A better way to work.

WorkSimple’s own description: “…WorkSimple is the easiest way to manage your workday, make connections and share feedback with your manager and teams…”

“…We started WorkSimple with the goal of creating a performance management, onboarding, and learning solution that both employees and managers would love to use…”

“…So, whether you just want some ideas on how to improve employee engagement in the modern workforce, or would like to learn how to get the most out of WorkSimple, you’ve come to the right place!. We also believe strongly that every voice matters, and we are determined to keep that belief at the heart of WorkSimple as we continue to grow. Any feedback you can provide about how to create a better experience for you is greatly appreciated, so please feel free to share your opinions and ideas with us…”



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