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Woopra is a new application that helps you keep track and analyze your site performance. Woopra’s interesting feature is its real time analityc. You can monitor and track your site with real time analytics. Woopra is made up of a desktop application and a web server, when you sign up for the service you need to install the desktop application that helps to reduce the woopra server usage.

Venture Slogan: Innovative web tracking and analytics

Woopra’s own description: “…Woopra is the world’s most comprehensive, information rich, easy to use, real-time Web tracking and analysis application. And it’s free!…”

“…Woopra delivers the richest library of visitor statistics in the industry, and does it within an unmatched user interface designed to be aesthetically pleasing as well as highly intuitive. But Woopra is more than simply statistics…”

“…Our client application is built as a framework for expansion, complete with an open API, plugin capability, and a wide range of additional feature / functionality currently being readied for deployment…”



Venture Link: woopra.com

Source: ArabCrunch

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  1. Lorelle says:

    Thanks for including Woopra in your coverage, but we’d love to know how you use Woopra and if it works for you. I’m sure that insight would really help your readers, too.

    Thanks for helping to spread the Woopra news!

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