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Weegoh is a social network to discover and share events and venues around you. You can search new events and comment about them. Weegoh is a mobile app that integrates different web 2.0 communities. It’s based on your location and its mobile app helps you interact with your friends.

Venture Slogan: Discover the social world around you.

Weegoh´s own description: “…Weegoh lets people meet the world around them, highlighting social interactions, relevant venues and hot events. Weegoh is also about sharing experiences around places as it makes easy to share stuff based on your current location…”

“…Typical questions that Weegoh can surely answer are:

  • I’m on the go, so what are the “hot venues” to go now?
  • What’s going on here or there?
  • Is there anything interesting going around?
  • Where are my friends now and what are they up to?…”

“…We have long been pursuing the challenge of how to help people connect their online self with their real world life…”



Venture link: Weegoh

Source: Loogic

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