Wayangels – Spanish social responsibility network



Wayangels is a social network devoted to social work. It dealing with connecting people with other people for helping. Everybody who needs help can explain the situation to find other people who want to help.

Venture Slogan: Personal assistance for small and big dreams

Wayangels’s own description: “…Wayangels is a Social Network, but the difference between social networks and other Wayangels, it is a Social Solidarity Network in which people care about people. Everyone who needs help can explain your situation in a hanging Wayangels project…”

“…The aid is to be found of any kind, funding, volunteering, partnerships … The projects can be personal, business, NGOs, Foundations … any type of project has a place in Wayangels…”

“…On funding, are donated. There are two ways to get grants and donations from individuals giving Wayangels registered users. This last way is for subscribers to register and gain votes by browsing the network, invite users, and so on. Those votes will be used to vote for projects they like and those votes are converted into money by billing Wayangels…”



Venture link: wayangels.com
Source: Loogic

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