Wantz – Create and share your personal wishlist


Wantz is a service that helps you create and share your personal wishlists. Share it with your friends through different social networks, blogs and e-mail.

Venture Slogan: Turn the entire web into your wishlist.

Wantz´s own description: “…Wanzit is a free service that lets you create a wishlist and then share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs and more…”

“…We’re not trying to sell you anything or promote any products (our business model involves earning a commission for some of the sales that we refer to ecommerce sites). We don’t control what people put on their lists – we don’t want to. Add anything you want and share your list with whomever you want. Go nuts – it’s your list…”

“…Wantzit is a way to make sure that every gift counts – your friends and family won’t have to scramble around guessing what you’d like for Christmas, or your birthday, or Hanukkah, or graduation – they can check out your list, and then they’ll know for sure…”


Venture Link: wantz.it

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