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Vreebit is a new way to look at social networks. The service provides lots of elements from other services but with a new aproach. With Vreebit you can create your profile, sell and buy stuff, manage tasks, build groups, manage security levels, share pics and videos, manage different kinds of interactions, host your site and much more. It´s a social network used not just for fun, but to manage your entire online interaction.

Venture Slogan: Make the leap.

Vreebit’s own description: “…Vreebit does not just combine the most valuable elements of existing Social Networking and Groupware technologies – it transforms these indispensible platforms into powerful and effective tools. In short, Vreebit changes the very concept of Social Networking into one of versatility, simplicity, efficiency – and fun!..”

“…The Internet plays a vital role in empowering people and groups to communicate and organize, and Social Networking sites have become immensely popular platforms. While these sites were never designed for use by news channels, media-publishers, non-profits, and organizations in general, virtually every company is now seeking a major Social Networking presence. Professionals and Groups often use them in the absence of other options, forcing themselves to accept numerous shortcomings…”



Venture Link: vreebit.com

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