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Vooch is a web service aiming at helping to search for free discount coupons. You can save money at malls, restaurants and leisure by picking the coupon of your interest. You can select coupons from businesses near your place and download them to your mobile phone. Vooch offers discount coupons in a different way.

Venture Slogan: Vooch.

Vooch’s own description: “…Vooch is the first place to save money at shopping, restaurants, leisure culture and more. Consumers can search for free coupons from their surrounding, download them to their mobile phone and redeem them. Because of an innovative billing scheme vooch helps advertisers to minimize advertising expenditure and to maximize coupon redemption rates…”

“…The idea for vooch emerged in summer 2008. Two thoughts played a crucial role. One the one hand the increasing advertising and information overload for consumers. On the other hand the traditional advertising media that are expensive, unflexible and where it is hard measure success. The goal was to create an advertising form that gets rid of those two problems. Soon it became clear that the mobile phone and a pull-based approach would be the key to success. The idea to offer coupons in a new and different way was born. The vooch GmbH was founded in the beginning of 2009 by Tobias Hann and Michael Meier. Since May vooch has been online in a closed beta-stage. On June 15th the public beta started. vooch offers currently exclusive coupons from Vienna and it’s surrounding. The coupon offering will be soon be extended to other Austrian cities…”



Venture Link: vooch.at

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