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Ventnation is a site to share with others what is bothering you in a certain moment. Just post whatever you want, whatever make you angry. Share with the community what bothers you and let them rate it. With Ventnation you can express things that upset you, just for fun or to let it out.

Venture Slogan: Relax. Relate. Release!

Ventnation’s own description: “…veryone has at least one thing they hate. Something that annoys them, offends them, incites anger or gets on their last nerve. It could be the traffic, the kids, the job, the weather, politics, the state of the world. Mostly, we just go about our daily routine, carrying with us the burden of the things that eat at us and drain us of our energies. Sometimes, you’ve just gotta vent…”

“…This is the idea behind VentNation, a site for anyone who just wants to Vent Out Loud! Users can post whatever ‘s on their mind whether it affects only them, their community or the world. Their vents will be voted on by other users who share their pain, and their vent can get bumped up in the process. Furthermore, users can also submit articles from other blogs or websites for other users to comment on. VentNation is a way to let off some steam without having a restraining order taken out against you…”



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