Utvee – The TV show product marketplace



Utvee is a marketplace to buy and sell products and stuff seen on TV shows and films. It’s an interesting web site that agreggates all the information about movies and TV shows to help you buy stuff seen on TV.

Venture Slogan: Contextual shopping experience for TV Shows and Movies

Utvee´s own description: “…utvee enables publishers and advertisers to sell products seen on TV shows and films. We enable viewers to easily find and buy the products they see on their favorite shows…”

“…utvee is a contextual shopping data company. We generate the most comprehensive, accurate product monetization index for premium video. We enable customers to find and buy products seen on their favorite TV shows and movies…”

“…Enable publishers to monetize TV shows and movies. Use the power of the community to discover products seen on shows, movies and premium videos. Identify information such as: who are the actors; what are they wearing in a specific scene; product details and where can one buy the exact product or low cost alternatives. Create an impulsive shopping experience for viewers. Display the data next to any premium video…”



Venture Link: utvee.com

Source: Rev2

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