Ubervu – The social metrics and analytics


Ubervu is a tool that helps you find and follow social conversations of your interest. It’s a social tool to find out what is said about brands, stories, events, people or whatever you want.

Venture Slogan: Web-wide community metrics and analytics.

Ubervu´s own description: “…Find out what people are saying about brands, stories or events. And follow the comments all over the social web…”

“…uberVU is an easy way to find and follow conversations, even if they take place across multiple sites and services.The interesting stories you read on the Web don’t show you the whole picture. The conversation around them is missing. What people say about those stories is a great part of the picture…”

“…The conversation around those stories takes place across many services. You might upload a video on YouTube that gets embedded in a blog post. That post gets comments and it gets posted on Twitter, where it also gets some replies. The Twitter post gets to FriendFeed where the conversation continues…”

“…All of this is part of a single conversation, but you can’t see it because it’s trapped inside different services…”


Venture Link: ubervu.com

Source: Web2null

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