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Txtninja is a solution to hide an email, text, domain or whatever you want from search engines. It´s a site that converts a line of text into an image that you can post. TxtNinja converts the text and gives you the gif file with the direct URL, the code to post the image in forums and the HTML code to post direcly into a site. it´s a simple and interesting solution.

Venture slogan: TxtNinja.

Txtninja´s own description: “…Plain black text can be really, really boring. Also, for all those times when simple, nondescript just won’t shout out and capture attention, you need TxtNinja…”

“…TxtNinja is the perfect tool for anyone. And by anyone, we very damn well mean anyone. There is no hard and fast rule as to how you should use TxtNinja; you’re free to use it in any and every way you can think of…”

“…There are absolutely no restrictions on the usage of TxtNinja images. Your generated images are stored forever on our servers as long as their accessed at least once every 365 days…”



Venture link: txtninja.com

Source: Simplespark

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