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Twollow is an application that helps you follow new friends in Twitter using keywords of your choice. You need to select the keywords that match your preferences and Twollow searches your new friends. Twollow brings the possibility of auto subscribing for new followers and keep your churn rate intentionally reasonable.

Venture Slogan: Auto follow people on Twitter.

Twollow´s own description: “…We track which twitter users are using keywords you choose, which tweet they did it in, and auto-subscribe you to them.  The benefits are: more targeted followers, market to people who are interested, or just more friends…”

“…If you haven’t logged in to twollow for two months or we’re having too many problems logging into twitter for your acct (password change?) we put your acct basically “on hold”.  This protects the speed and reliability of the service for active users.  Be sure to login to twollow using your new password.  Theny you can simply un-pause them…”

“…Auto-unfollow is your friend as well.  While we keep the churn rate intentionally reasonable (high abuse will get a twitter account banned, and rightly so) it works to keep your account fresh with new people you’re not really keeping in touch with anyway…”



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