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Twitterel is a solution to helps you find other Twitter users matching your interests. You can login with your Twitter account, add your favorite interest keywords and Twitterel will search them and propose you twitter users.

Venture slogan: Find Twitter users with related interests.

Twitterel’s own description: “…By using  Twitterel on top of Twitter you can make your (virtual) life a lot more interesting, we thought of a way to connect…

“…to other twitter users (from all over the world) who share the same interests as you do.. how?
Login with your credentials and start searching for these people, give us some key words based on your own interests, we will do the rest for you!…”

“… How related are the users? We can’t promise you anything, but to be honest, we don’t show any user who tweeped about anything just once and we don’t for 2 reasons, it’s less relevant, but the main issue? We want to keep spammers away from here and Twitter…”



Venture link: Twitterel

Source: Mashable

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