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Tweetscenes is an interesting service to create your professional Twitter profile and background. You only need to send your logo and some design directions and in a few days  the Tweetscenes ´s Team will send you your brand new profile. It´s a simple service to rebuild your Twitter background showing a more professional profile.

Venture Slogan:
Tweet Scenes.

Tweetscenes’s own description: “…We know you’re serious about your business, your brand and your Twitter presence. So, doesn’t it make sense to be serious about your Twitter profile, too?. We take the guesswork out of things. Three business days and you’ve got a professional profile that matches the rest of your branding…”

“…You upload your logo, photos, text and links, and give us a little background info on your company and what you’re looking for. You pay a flat fee up front (no surprises later, and we offer a money–back guarantee).Within three business days we’ll email you your new background, colors, and avatar, along with detailed instructions on how to get everything up and running (it only takes about a minute). Voilà — a professionally-branded Twitter profile that you can be proud of…”



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