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TuneIn is a site focused on classifying the twitter information that you receive everyday. As twitter system is growing up day by day, the information and news that you receive are becoming more difficult to assimilate and follow. TuneIn is meant to improve your twitter experience by recording, organizing, ranking and mashing up your river information.

Venture Slogan: Tunein is a highly visual media dashboard that will transform your twitter experience.

TuneIn´s own description: “…In our experience, while Twitter has nearly replaced portals and RSS readers as our go-to sources of media consumption, we are starting to drown trying to keep up with it all. Too much is lost, and frankly, too much is never found.

We wanted a service to comb through our real-time streams (our personal filters) and:

1) Automatically record it, whether or not we’re online;

2) Automatically organize it by media type: Articles, Videos, Photos, Songs, etc;
3) Rank it in useful ways for easy scanability; and

4) Allow us to mash all this information/media however we want (narrowcast our streams)

So, we built all that. We call it TuneIn and we’re excited to share it with you! All you need to do is sign in to TuneIn using your Twitter username and password and we do the rest…”

“…Social and “new” media websites have enabled us all to create a river of information, most recently in the form of real-time streams. There is gold in those streams. Daily, hourly, minute-by-minute gold…”

“…People have started mining that gold, not only for their own personal benefit, but also for their friends. With services like Twitter and Facebook, people, rather than algorithms, are providing the most valuable take on what’s worth reading, watching and hearing. They are bringing perspective to an otherwise fuzzy picture, helping determine what’s signal and what’s noise…”



Venture link: tunein.com

Source: Techcrunch

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