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Tripsourcing is a community to develop your trip itinerary in real time. Travelers can get information about their next trip and create a travel itinerary with the help of local tribes.

Venture Slogan: Where backcountry meets travelers.

Tripsourcing´s own description: ‘…Tripsourcing is the first real-time itinerary-planning community. Tripsourcing allows travelers to obtain tailor-made travel itineraries created in coopetition with local tribes…”

“…We love technology, Internet, social networks, travel, airplanes, Apple technology, and everything that makes us experience the real-time Web. We started our business to bring something new into the world of online travel. We wanted to assist travelers in their travel itinerary planning, and therefore we have imagined the Tripsourcing concept. We invite you to discover our website, to share it with your friends, to promote your area, to help travelers, and to post an awesome itinerary request for your next trip…”


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