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Tipd is a financial community that brings you the possibility to search, find and share ideas and tips. It´s a social media platform in which you decide which information or posts should be published in the homepage. It´s like Digg but for financial tips. Interesting idea about how to use the community with financial topics.

Venture Slogan: A community for financial news, ideas and tips.

Tipd’s own description: “…Tip’d is a community for financial news, ideas, and tips. It operates as a social media platform, meaning the community (you) decides which news stories and investing tips should be published on our homepage. Tip’d users vote on stories they like by clicking the ‘Tip it’ button that appears next to each story, and then can comment by pressing the ‘Discuss’ link below the story…”

“…We’re pretty flexible about what kind of stories appear on Tip’d: it’s really the community’s site, after all. Really, any story or article relating to investing or finance is fair game. It’s then up to the Tip’d community to decide if the story is good enough to be voted onto the homepage!…”

“…Tip’d got started because two businessmen, Andy and Jimmy, enjoyed discussing investing news with each other. They wondered: why wasn’t there a better casual, friendly, online place to share and discuss current financial ideas and news? So they started their own community to do just that. Tip’d is a place for investors — both amateur and professional — to meet, share, discuss, comment, and vote on what’s happening on both Wall Street and Main Street. We’re focused on building a smart, friendly, and open community, and we hope you join us!..”



Venture Link: tipd.com

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