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Tinygrab is a simple and great solution that shares screenshots. It´s an application that uploads screeshots and automatically gives you a URL that you can share. It´s a great and perfect solution to share your favorite site by using screenshots.

Venture Slogan: Simple sreenshot sharing.

Tinygrab´s own description: “…TinyGrab is an application for Mac OS X and Windows that instantly uploads screenshots, or ‘grabs’. After upload a URL is automatically copied to your clipboard (either in tiny or long format depending on your preference) for you to easily share with friends, colleagues or anyone else for that matter…”

“…Currently TinyGrab will run on Mac OS X 10.5+ (Leopard and higher) and Windows XP+ (XP and higher), but Linux and iPhone versions are planned for the future. For TinyGrab Premium account holders these apps will function using the same accounts, meaning that you pay no extra (£10 one off payment!) regardless of the number of platforms you run TinyGrab on…”



Venture link: tinygrab.com

Source: Rev2.org

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