TinkrRoulette – The Funny Roulette

The Funny Roulette

The Funny Roulette

TinkrRoulette is a game of roulette where every spin of the roulette gives the visitor entertainment from 4 random funny videos. We have a jackpot system too, that in the case your spin results in 4 videos from the same source, say, all 4 videos from youtube, or all 4 from myspace, you hit the jackpot.

Venture Slogan: Video Jackpot.

TinkrRoulette’s own description: We could describe it as a spot in which funny videos are randomly featured, four at a time. These come not only from sites like YouTube but also Google Videos, DailyMotion and so on. In actuality, more than 30 different video hosting services are crawled in order to find you something equally eclectic and funny.

Each video is displayed in a box of its own, and you can refresh the boxes anytime you want. In the end, it all truly resembles a kind of roulette for funny videos. And such a concept is reinforced by the fact that if you manage to have four videos from the same service featured at the same time you are actually hitting the jackpot.

The Funny Roulette

The Funny Roulette

Venture Link: tinkrroulette.com

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