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Texturevault is a marketplace for textures driven by the community. If you are looking for a new texture for your design you can find it at TextureVault. The sellers of the texture image get a 60% of the selling price and the buyers can buy a texture for $2 to $4 depending on the quality. You can download images for free but in low resolution.

Venture slogan: Marketplace for royalty freetextures.

Texturevault┬┤s own description: “…Texturevault.net is a community driven supplier of royalty free texture images. Unlike the usual stock photo site, texturevault.net focus is strictly on providing high quality, creative and “top of the class” textures that digital artists and designers can use in their creative work…”

“…Texturevault.net offers a wide selection of texture images which can be used for commercial work. Each image is offered in 3 different sizes, a free medium resolution sample image, high quality priced at $2 per image and maximum quality image priced at $4 per images…”

“…Texturevault.net allows talented photographers and artists to sign up and sell their textures via the website. The photographer then gets a fixed 60% percentage cut from every sale he makes…



Venture link: texturevault.net


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