Taweet – Promote your future tweets.



Taweet is an application aiming at helping promote your future tweets and manage a social calendar. With Taweet you can schedule a future tweet that is displayed in your public Taweet-profile. It´s a solution for creating buzz around your future events. All the comments and posts are displayed in your Twitter account.

Venture Slogan: Taweet is the future.

Taweet’s own description: “…Taweet is a free Twitter application and social calendar that allows people and businesses to streamline promotional scheduling for events, product launches, lifecasting and more! Taweet is focused on promoting the topics of your Future Tweets (FT) up until they occur to create buzz or to share with friends…”

“…Your public profile on Taweet displays all of the Future Tweets (FT) that you schedule. Your profile on Taweet is not only an event promotion tool but also a social calendar for sharing with friends. All posts and comments on Taweet are organized into a familiar discussion format and sent back to Twitter to drive traffic to your Future Tweets. Our “Post Now” feature allows you to create threaded topics for all of your real-time Twitter posts.After you sign into Taweet for the first time you can then begin to link multiple Twitter accounts together. This will allow you to easily switch between accounts without having to sign in each time…”



Venture Link: taweet.com

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