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TapMetrics is the solution if you want to track your mobile app sales. It doesn´t make use of the iTunes Connect tool, it downloads the information using a free menu bar application. TapMetrics gives you more understandable information about the performance of your mobile app sales. Also, it shows you an interesting map report about how your app is performing in different locations.

Venture Slogan: The developer’s analytics.

TapMetrics’s own description: “…TapMetrics calculates all your sales data for you, giving you more time to focus on building the next big app…”

“…Sales Map. Use the integrated map to see which of your apps are selling best in the world. No more iTunes Connect. Automatically download your iTunes Connect sales reports using our free menu bar application, TapMini. Lose the spreadsheets and upload your sales reports to TapMetrics to see your numbers.TapMini automatically downloads reports from iTunes Connect and saves them to your hard drive. …”

“…TapMini is a free tool that automatically downloads and organizes your sales reports from iTunes Connect. You don’t need a TapMetrics account to use it, just an iTunes Connect login and Mac OS 10.5+…”



Venture link: tapmetrics.com

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