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Scri­f­fon.com – Write & Publish on the Web

Scri­f­fon.com is a text-pub­lish­ing web­site. It’s a tool made to pub­lish any kind of writ­ten work on the web; from es­says to short nov­els, from recipes to how-tos, etc. It’s free and open to ev­ery­one. Its de­sign is in­flu­enced by min­i­mal­ism.

On Scri­f­fon.com, you can cre­ate drafts and spend the time you need to write them. When you feel like it’s ready, you can pub­lish them to share them to the world. Af­ter­wards, you can mod­i­fy them. And when you think the changes are ready, you can pub­lish them. You can do it again and again.

You’re in con­trol. Scri­f­fon.com stores your drafts and your pub­lished works for you. You can ac­cess them from any web-con­nect­ed de­vice. You can de­stroy your com­put­er with­out los­ing your drafts and pub­lished items. (But Scri­f­fon won’t re­place your com­put­er.

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Twextra – Use More than 140 Characters

use more than 140 characters

use more than 140 caracters

Twextra is a solution then you need to use more than 140 characters on Twitter or Linkedin. With Twextra you can create messages of up to 100,000. characters with rich text. Also, you can traslate your message into many languages.

Venture Slogan: When You Need More Than 140 Characters.

Twextra’s own description: “…Ever wish you could write a message longer than 140 characters on Twitter or Linkedin? Well, that’s exactly what Twextra enables, plus much more. Take a look at Twextra’s features: Super-size – With Twextra you can create huge messages of up to 100,000 characters. Rich-text – Create messages with formatting such as bold, italic, underline, colored-text, etc Language translation – Readers of your messages can translate your message into many other languages. This is great for when your readers span multiple countries…” Continue reading

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