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Thinnerview – Helping achieve your weight goals



Thinnerview is an online solution that helps you in the quest of getting weight goals. It helps you reach your weight goals by visualization yourself in the process. You can create your digital profile and your after picture to follow your weight goals. You realize the steps achived by seeing you in your digital profile. Thinnerview creates your digital “after” picture developed by digital artists.

Venture Slogan: Letting you see a thinner you.

Thinnerview´s own description: “…ThinnerView helps you reach your weight loss goals more effectively and successfully by letting you see yourself at your goal weight BEFORE a single day of dieting! Many studies have shown the positive and powerful effects of visualization, saying that when it is utilized success rates dramatically increase. So, by creating your digital “after” picture, we give you a concrete image you can use to keep yourself motivated and focused on your road to success! Additionally, seeing the dramatic change that can be achieved when your weight-loss goals are reached, will give you a huge motivational boost!…”

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