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Flavors.me – An easy web presence

an easy web presence

Flavors.me is a service that helps create your presence online easily. With just a few clicks you can create your personal web page to share whatever you want.

Venture Slogan: What’s your flavor?

Flavors.me’s own description: “…Flavors.me allows anyone to create an elegant and dynamic website using personal content from around the web for only $20 a year…”

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Zemanta – Enrich your content


Zemanta is an addon extension to enrich your content with the most accurate information from the web. Just paste any text into the box and Zamata searches for images, links, videos, keywords and texts that enrich your post. Zemanta searches and generates the most relevant images, links, tags, and related contents. It’s simple and smart.

Venture Slogan: A revolutionary new platform for accelerating on-line content production for any web user.

Zemanta┬┤s own description: “…Users expect rich content, rich with information revealed through links, images, illustrations, and references. When you think about it, the best Web-ready content is a carefully constructed mashup…”

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