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Geopieces.com – Sharing on the World Map

Geopieces.com is a location and event sharing platform. Geopieces.com lets you share your geotagged Information on the World Map. As well as sharing your location you can add post images and videos to the map, write blog entries at locations or leave tips, reviews and comments about venues.

Share your location and life. Add Photos, Videos and write Blogs. Leave tips, reviews and comments. On Geopieces you can own virtual property and earn money. When you register with Geopieces we give you 5,000 Geocredits for free. You can use your Geocredits to own part of the Geopieces map. You can develop your Geopieces on the map and can even earn more Geocredits if other users visit or add markers to your Geopieces. Buy, sell and trade Geopieces to make money or shape your very own part of the world.

Venture Slogan: Sharing on the World Map

Venture Link: geopieces.com

Source: Venturebin.com

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