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vCardFile – Create and share your online vCard



vCardFile is a solution that brings you the possibility of creating and sharing your business card using the internet. You can create a vCard with your profile and assign it a URL that you can share. When someone visits your URL vCard they have the possibility of checking your complete contact information. Also, they can download your vCard to an address book.

Venture Slogan: Your online business card.

vCardFile┬┤s own description: “…vCardFile.com brings the practice of exchanging business cards to the web, making it easier and more effective. As a registered user of vCardFile.com you can generate your vCard Files online and assign them a URL such as: http://yourname.vCardFile.com. Whoever visits your URL will be able to check out your complete, updated contact information, as well as download the vCard file to the address book on their computers and cell phones, regardless of which email client or application they use to manage their contact information…”

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