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Daileez – The Icon Online Diary

The Icon Online Diary

The Icon Online Diary

Daileez.com is a unique social online diary that lets  users record  their days in the form of icons and share it with others.

Venture Slogan: Icon Online Diary.

Daileez’s own description: Daileez is first icon diary & online journal that gives you a backwards glance at your life and the lives of others, in icons. Use what you experienced and “iconize” your day. Choose an icon that best describes your activity. If an icon isn’t enough, you can add a detailed text description of your activity. Connect Daileez with your Facebook and Twitter accounts to send updates there as well. Continue reading

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Fliptop – Sites update alerts


Fliptop is a simple service that alerts you when your favorite site or blog is updated. It´s a great service to stay in tune with the latest updates.

Venture Slogan: Subscribe made easy.

Fliptop’s own description: “…Get alerts when your favorite websites or blogs are updated. Filter to just receive what you’re interested in. Control how and when you get updates…”

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