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Measy – Search for the right electronics


Measy is a solution site to find the right electronics at the best price. It´s a service through which you can express what you are looking for and it will search for the best product that matches your needs.

Venture Slogan: Complex decisions, simple.

Measy’s own description: “…Measy makes finding the right electronics a simple and fun process. We help you express what you are looking for, and then match you with the best product at the best price. The whole process is backed by comprehensive research from the most knowledgeable experts on the Internet…”

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Orggit – Your vital information in one place


Orggit is a solution aiming at helping you store all your important infomation. It´s a solution to store, organize and maintain accessible your information anywhere and anytime. Keep your everyday numbers and passwords accesible.

Venture Slogan: Anytime Access to your everyday information.

Orggit’s own description: “…From vital health information to everyday numbers and passwords, Orggit is instant access to your life’s most important information, all securely stored in one convenient place…”

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