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Happn.in – Local Twitter Trends

local twitter trends

local twitter trends

Happn.in gives Twitter a local focus. For each Happn.in city, there is a current list of Local Twitter Trends. Happn.in was built with the long-term idea that localized communities can benefit from Twitter if they can find and talk to each other.

Web Venture Slogan: Happn.in.

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Geomeme – Real time local Twitter trends


Geomeme is a great solution that thends local events in real time using Twitter. It´s a solution that uses the Twitter geolocation API to track the events. Geomeme gives you the last trends on Twitter and informs you the place where the trend come from.

Venture Slogan: What’s happening where?

Geomeme´s own description: “…GeoMeme is the fun way to measure and share real-time local twitter trends. I got thinking about this when a recent Los Angeles earthquake was being measured in tweets per second  rather than using the Richter Scale…”

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