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Nomadesk – The virtual fileserver


Nomadesk is a great virtual server that helps you with online and offline document management. It´s a solution for file sharing to share, store, synchronize and backup files from any location. Nomadesk gives you the possibility to manage files also when you are offline.

Venture Slogan: Nomadesk.

Nomadesk´s own description: “…Nomadesk develops the world’s first virtual fileserver that enables both online and offline document management. The Nomadesk on-demand file sharing software enables “digital nomads” or geographically dispersed professionals to securely share, store, synchronize and backup files from any location, whether offline or online…”

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Ubidesk – Team collaboration space



Ubidesk is a web app aiming at managing projects over the Internet. With Ubidesk you can run project tasks, document collaboration and project management. It´s an easy-to-use application using software as a service.

Venture Slogan: Get your team on the same page. Always!

Ubidesk’s own description: “…Ubidesk is an online collaboration space where you can run team projects with document collaboration and task management. Ubidesk is offered as a SaaS(Software as a Service), and you can use it through your web browser anywhere, anytime…”

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