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Desktopgamearcade.com – 10,000 Games on Your Desktop

Desktopgamearcade.com is a small downloadable application which brings over 10,000 of the internets best games straight to your desktop.

Desktopgamearcade gives you direct access to over 10,000 great games right on your desktop. Built in Adobe Air, it works on all computers and operating systems. It will save you hours of time searching for games to play by bringing them to you directly on your desktop. With over 10,000 games, Desktop Game Arcade will give you hours and hours of fun.

Venture Slogan: 10,000 Games on Your Desktop.

Venture Link: desktopgamearcade.com

Source: Venturebin.com

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Patapage – Add dynamic content to your site



Patapage is a solution to add dynamic content to your site with widgets. Don’t feel lost when adding new features on your site, Patapage lets you improve it with simple widgets. Patapage helps you improve your site by adding dynamic content.

Venture Slogan: More options for your website users. In minutes.

PatapageĀ“s own description: “…Our mission is to let the designer focus on design, by delegating additional services to Patapage…”

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