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Tweetingmachine.com – The Ultimate Twitter Tool

TweetingMachine.com lets users schedule tweets, create queues of updates, tweet website feeds, auto follow new followers and much more. Select your Twitter account, when to tweet, enter your message and click the button. You can also shorten links with the click of one button.

TweetingMachine.com makes your life better. How? By freeing up your time from the mundane tasks you need to perform on Twitter so that you can spend you time on the area that counts: your expert knowledge. Each one of your Twitter accounts will have statistics collected 4 times a day. You will be able to see the link between tweets, followers and friends.

Venture Slogan: The Ultimate Twitter Tool

Venture Link: tweetingmachine.com

Source: Venturebin.com

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25trends.me – Twitter Analytics for the Masses

25trends.me provides custom “Twitter Social Analytics” reports for companies and individuals, the report initially contains the following: Sentiment Analyses, Share of Voice – comparing with competitors, Top Keywords & Hashtags, Top Users & Top links and other analytics indicators.

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