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Spread.us – Social Group Sharing Made Easy

Spread.us is a tool to promote your blog. It enables website readers to automatically share and distribute newly published content from their favorite blog. With Spread.us you can tweet your curated content on behalf of colleagues, friends and fans. Create massive social reach together. Create an
awesome tweet. Share on behalf of your subscribers. Track performance and expand social reach. Stop emailing everybody in your company to ask them to retweet your message. Everybody saves time. You can focus on content creation and we take care of distribution.

Venture Slogan: Social Group Sharing Made Easy

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Healthysparx.com – Everyday Health Questions Answered

Healthysparx.com is the first social Q&A platform dedicated to empowering people to take ownership of their health in a fun and simple way.

Healthysparx.com is an online social question and answer website to encourage people to take ownership of their health and well-being. Healthysparx was created to provide people with a place to ask their health questions, benefitting not only from the knowledge of their fellow humans, but also from their wealth of experience, and to give back to the community by sharing their own knowledge and experience in a way that’s meaningful.

Healthysparx.com is a platform for spreading the healthy lifestyle message and the place where everyday health questions are answered.

Venture Slogan: Everyday Health Questions Answered

Venture Link: healthysparx.com

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