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Linksert.net – The easiest way to monetize links

Linksert.net is a service that lets you create shortened links from existing product links on which you can earn a commission. You can share all shortened links anywhere (social media, e-mail, blog, website). Every time someone makes a purchase through your links, you earn a commission. Linksert.net is the proven way to make money on the social web.

Linksert.net aims to remove all the hassle involved in affiliate marketing, and as most people are not familiar with it, make it accessible for the average internet user. We want to help people make some money on what they do all day anyway. Easy to use, no fluff around the service, and a design easy on the eyes.

Venture Slogan: The easiest way to monetize links

Venture Link: Linksert.net

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Lish.com – Shop what’s Trending Across the Social Web

Lish.com helps you find and shop what’s trending across the social web. With real-time feedback from millions of people across social sites like Facebook and Twitter, Lish presents the top trending products offered by 175,000 unique sellers. Scroll through the feed to see what products are trending on the social web. React to products with the emoticons to express your feelings about a product, and leave comments for the sellers. Really like something? Click “Buy” to purchase!

Venture Slogan: Shop what’s Trending Across the Social Web

Venture Link: lish.com

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