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Newsgrape.com – The Social News Reader

Newsgrape.com is a social news reader that connects like-minded people. Customisable News Stream. The quickest way to see the news you care about unfold in front of your eyes. Comment on the go. See the buzz unfold right in your news stream. Smart Filtering. You don’t like fashion? There will be no fashion. Crowd Intelligence. Find the best content through charts, social media observation and subscriptions.

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News.me – Your Top Stories from Facebook and Twitter Delivered to your Inbox

News.me is a personalized social news reading application for the Apple iPad. It’s an app that lets you browse, discover and read articles that other people are seeing in their Twitter streams.

These streams are filtered and ranked using algorithms developed by the bitly team to extract a measure of social relevance from the billions of clicks and shares in the bitly data set. This is fundamentally a different kind of social news experience. I haven’t seen or used anything quiet like it before.

Rather than me reading what you tweet, I read the stream that you have selected to read — your inbound stream. It’s almost as if I’m leaning over your shoulder — reading what you read, or looking at your book shelves: it allows me to understand how the people I follow construct their world.

Venture Slogan: Your Top Stories from Facebook and Twitter Delivered to your Inbox

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