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Fontsumating.com – Single and Ready to Mingle

Fontsumating.com offers an innovative and dynamic way to take single fonts and turn them into happy couples. Think of it as a dating site for lonely fonts! The wallflower fonts who are just waiting for the right partner with which to create the perfect union for your latest design project. It is a place where creative types can let their creativity blossom but also a great resource for anyone needing the perfect font couple in their creative project. Fontsumating.com puts a lot of effort into making this site fun to use and super accessible and we’ve tried very hard to cater to the eager amateur as well as the seasoned pro.

Venture Slogan: Single and Ready to Mingle

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Ma.rs – Mobilize Your Audience

Ma.rs is a mobile marketing platform. Create engaging mobile experience without any programing skills ma.rs allows user to easily create mobile websites and landing pages without any programing skills, using simple intuitive drag and drop interface.

Every site created with ma.rs is cross platform, OS independent. With QR Codes, created mobile sites can be used as complementary ad space with printed or any other old advertising media (TV, billboards, newspapers)

Venture Slogan: Mobilize Your Audience

Venture Link: ma.rs

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