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Hangmessage.com – Messages That Arrive When You Do!

HangMessage.com revolutionizes texting from boring to full of fun and surprises.Pick a specific address to hang a surprise message for your friend to receive as soon as they get to that location or even post it right where you are.

Send yourself a memo so once you arrive at that exact place, your phone will receive the self- reminder HangMessage and you’ll never forget to buy an item from your grocery list ever again.

You can hang messages anywhere and control the parameters within which the receiver’s device can pick up the message. Hang a message at your son’s school telling him to “have a great day” or hang a message at the office reminding your co-worker of an “11a.m. meeting.” You can even hang a message for yourself at the supermarket so once you arrive at the location, your grocery list will arrive to your phone as well! Once the receiver picks up the message at the location and reads it, you will get a notification of receipt. Now go ahead, get creative, have fun and start hanging surprise messages anywhere you’d like!

Venture Slogan: Messages That Arrive When You Do!

Venture Link: hangmessage.com

Source: Venturebin.com

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