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Ranker.com – Rank Whatever you Want

Ranker.com - Rank Whatever you Want

Ranker.com - Rank Whatever you Want

Ranker.com is an operating system for Lists. But basically, Ranker.com is an easy, fun and social way to rank anything. By letting you drag and drop from our database of over 5 million list items, we make it easy to quickly create complex lists, without causing carpal tunnel. You can even grab items right off of someone else’s list. And, every time you add an item to your list, you get info about the item, as well as pictures and YouTube videos.
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Joffer – San Francisco Special Offers


Joffer is a great service that shows you hot deals in San Francisco. It´s a service that gives you limited time offers with great discounts. Joffer gives you daily deals from San Francisco.

Venture Slogan: Great stuff for cheap.

Joffer ´s own description: “…At Joffer we know your business is fresh, fun and just plain cool. That’s why we want to help you get customers through your door. The plan is simple really: You supply Joffer with a solidrce: discount to your great service or product. Joffer promotes your awesome offer to our database of cool people (the kind you actually want to see at your door). We hand you a check for your services and the customers start rolling in…”

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