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Ma.rs – Mobilize Your Audience

Ma.rs is a mobile marketing platform. Create engaging mobile experience without any programing skills ma.rs allows user to easily create mobile websites and landing pages without any programing skills, using simple intuitive drag and drop interface.

Every site created with ma.rs is cross platform, OS independent. With QR Codes, created mobile sites can be used as complementary ad space with printed or any other old advertising media (TV, billboards, newspapers)

Venture Slogan: Mobilize Your Audience

Venture Link: ma.rs

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Appguppy.com – The Ridiculously Easy Way to Create a Beautiful App

Appguppy.com is an online tool that lets you build your own mobile app and distribute it outside of app stores. It’s fast and easy! And with no more app stores, you get instant gratification.

Appguppy.com lets you make your own customized mobile app in minutes and distribute it DIRECTLY to your fans’ and followers’ Apple and Android phones through social media (Facebook, Twitter), QR codes, SMS, email and on your website. That means you get your app out to everyone without having to go through mobile app stores.

With Appgupp.com your mobile app will look just like any other app that you might use through mobile app stores. Depending on the phone you’re using you’ll get a different visual experience. But, you’ll always have the same form and structure of a mobile app. So picture a menu of 5 tabs at the bottom of your screen and the corresponding content above. Appguppy will automatically create the tabs for you. But you can create free-form or custom tabs as well. Your free-form or custom tabs will give you a blank phone screen and let you integrate things like your logo, pics and photos and any text to, so that you can come up with something that truly matches your unique brand or your needs.

Venture Slogan: The Ridiculously Easy Way to Create a Beautiful App

Venture Link: appguppy.com

Source: Venturebin.com

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