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Easy Projects – Project Management Made Easy

Easy Projects is a project management software. As a cloud based Software-as-a-Service product, Easy Projects has become a popular project management tool amongst small to medium size businesses from over 50 countries. With a focus on ease of use and getting things done as simply as possible, Easy Projects serves both professional project managers that are starved for time, and “accidental project managers”, who may not have any experience in project management but still have a team to manage, and a project to ace.

One of the key features of Easy Projects, aside from its ease of use, is being hosted online, meaning that any team member can access the ongoing project from any mobile connected device, anywhere. The product also offers many useful features for businesses, some of which are task tracking, time tracking, expense management, collecting requests from outside teams/clients and turning them into projects, Gantt charts to maximize the efficiency of the project management efforts, online collaboration (through chat, video, or voice) for remote team members, and file sharing and management.

Easy Projects is creating value for a lot of different customer segments, but it is mainly for small to medium size businesses that are tired of keeping track of to-do lists on a piece of paper or Excel, companies who have outgrown emaiing projects back and forth and need something to keep them organized, businesses that are looking to increase accountability by easily tracking who is in charge of what project or task, and teams with executives or managers that like to keep track of the details on every ongoing project they have.

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