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Appfutura.com – Connecting Mobile App Projects with Developers

Appfutura.com is a marketplace where mobile platform app developers can meet people or companies that are looking for someone to develop an app project. Appfutura.com is a website where mobile app developers can register and create a professional profile, browse interesting new projects, make offers to develop them, manage payments and get valuable recommendations from clients that help build up their reputation as developers- all for free.

You can browse app developers on our directory and you can hire them right there and then. You can also publish a project for free on our platform and once activated, you’ll start to receive offers from different developers that are interested in working with you. All developer profiles contain full information on their recent work and reputation, indicated either by the badges obtained or the ratings made by clients that have worked with them previously.

On Appfutura.com you’ll find all professional profiles related to the development of mobile applications, from designers, programmers, to companies that carry out the whole process. You can add a new project at any time from the homepage, from your control panel or using the button located in the header. All you have to do is fill out the form and your project will be added to the list of open projects and shown to developers that meet the requirements.

Venture Slogan: Connecting Mobile App Projects with Developers

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Tipila.com – A Place to Organize & Share Programming Tips

Tipila.com is a free service for programmers to organize their code snippets, tips & tricks, fixes and share them with other programmers. Tipila.com was created to solve an annoying problem that we, the programmers face every day.

When we face a programming problem, we spend hours on end googling and trying out all the solutions found. After trying so many methods we finally find the solution only to forget about it when faced with a similar problem sometime later. Then we start googling all over again and waste time to find the solution again.

No more scrolling through long posts to find a fix and you won’t forget how a problem was solved when you need to do it again. It’s totally free.

Venture Slogan: A Place to Organize & Share Programming Tips.

Venture Link: tipila.com

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