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Tinypay – The selling service


Tinypay is a service that helps you sell your products and services on the spot. It´s a simple service that supports you with great selling possibilities.

Venture Slogan: The easiest way to sell.

Tinypay’s own description: “…Wouldn’t it be beautiful to start selling something within 60 seconds and share it across the world?. This tiny insight led us to develop this web service. Tinypay.me is an open service that provides endless selling possibilities. Within this category we will post cool examples of users/developers who use tinypay.me…”

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Cluehut – Connecting people to make their dream come true


Cluehut is a social network to connect people in order to achive their dream. Post your dream and find others who want to help you. Search for people with the skills that you need to make your dream come true. Cluehut helps you connect minds to fulfill your project.

Venture Slogan: Where Success Is One Click Away.

Cluehut’s own description: “…Clue Hut is a social network based on the popular saying two minds are greater than one. People are eager to accomplish their dreams, but are stuck in a rut because they don’t have the money or all the skills required. Clue Hut makes this possible by connecting people who together can make each other’s dream a reality…”

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