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Listoid.com – Top Lists of Everything

Listoid.com is a user-run social media site combining the best features of wikipedia, social bookmarking sites, and top-ten list blogs. Users can create lists of their favorite stuff based on any topic and share them with the community. User created lists of everything. One place to discover and vote up the best of the web.

Browse and vote on lists anytime. Register to create your own lists or modify others’. Creating a new list takes a couple of clicks. Registered users can comment on lists, leave product reviews, save favorites, earn reputation points, and unlock achievements.

Venture Slogan: Top Lists of Everything

Venture Link: listoid.com

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Trendsta – Trend market researches



Trendsta is a company aiming at doing trend marketing research for adolescentsĀ“behavior. The central idea is ask for product reviews and reward it with points that can be changed for gifts. The service gives companies inshigts of product trends.

Venture Slogan: The hottest trends.

Trendsta’s own description:“…Trendsta is helping to solve the problem of reaching a generation who has tuned out to marketing messages. We work with companies looking to make connection to the teen and twenty-something audience…”

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