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Gourmetiz.com – Gourmet is Gourmetiz

Gourmetiz.com sells artisan food products from European producers to European customers. Being a foodie is much more than a question of taste buds; it’s about sharing other values such as respecting the environment, supporting local farmers, sustainable development and the discovery of cultural specialties. Gourmetiz.com believe in the promotion of these ideals should be affordable to all and for this reason we put producers and customers into direct contact. There is no intermediary, so the prices are kept as low as possible while securing quality produce remains our fundamental goal.

Venture Slogan: Gourmet is Gourmetiz

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European Food Map & Marketplace

european food marketplace

european food map & marketplace

GourmetOrigins is an online marketplace and social guide that helps you find and purchase Europe’s best quality foods. With this website you can discover and explore thousands of unique foods, keep an online”foodie diary”, share it with your friends and, soon, order foods from independent producers.

Venture Slogan: Explore a World of flavours!

GourmetOrigins’s own description: “…GourmetOrigins.com aims to bring you Europe’s best quality foods. There is an amazing diversity of authentic high quality foods in Europe but most of them are little known or not available through the main retail channels…”

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