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Fuzme.com – Social Network That Puts Your Privacy First

Fuzme.com is a social network that puts your privacy first. You control your content whether you want it to be private or public. By default we try to make everything private and you select whatever you want to be public. Fuzme.com bring the real life user experience to the online world.

Venture Slogan: Social Network That Puts Your Privacy First

Venture Link: Fuzme.com

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Chilledlime.com – The new way to debate!

ChilledLime.com is a platform where people can share their opinions and debate about almost anything here on the Internet.

Debating privately or with everyone. You can debate with a group of people or with the whole community. With detailed privacy options, you decide who sees what.Debating from anywhere. We are working hard to bring the complete ChilledLime experience to every device.

Venture Slogan: The new way to debate!

Venture Link: chilledlime.com

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